Benefits of a Hospital-Managed Prescription Assistance Program

  • Provides a medical staff benefit by relieving physician practices of burdensome, time-consuming, and therefore costly medication access work.
  • A single prescription assistance program coordinator can perform medication access work more efficiently and cost-effectively than can the sum of multiple practice-based efforts.
  • A program coordinator dedicated solely to prescription assistance can keep up-to-date with constantly-changing eligibility and application processes.
  • A hospital-based coordinator can access current patient prescribing information via system-wide EMRs.
  • A hospital-based program can promptly identify and then begin to help hospitalized patients who will require unaffordable outpatient medicines following discharge.
  • Hospitals benefit financially from more compliant patients, with lessened need for preventable, possibly unreimbursed, services that may include avoidable readmissions.
  • Hospitals are widely known and respected by both medical professionals and area residents.
  • Hospital public relations, IT, and pharmacy personnel are available for program support.

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